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 Tacoma, Wa

Visualize Tattoo is a modern tattoo shop that utilizes the best equipment in the world. We hold out tattoo artists to the highest standards, so you can rest assured, you will get a highly professional artist that truly cares about their tattoos.

One of our beautifuly designed stations



We are located at 625 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, Wa 98402

Tattoo Artists

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Frank Porcelli is one of the most humble tattoo artists you will ever meet, his passion and dedication to the craft is unparalleled. If you want beautiful lines, seemless gradients, or just a perfectly executed tattoo then he is your man. Frank is well educated in the history of tattooing and is well established in tattooing culture. While traditional tattooing is his foundation, he is well versed in many styles and is masterful when designing custom lettering. But see for yourself, click his picture to view his portfolio. 

Frank Porcelli IV

David Jennings

David Jennings specializes in photorealism, but has the ability to tattoo most styles. He has equal love for color but has been well known as a black and grey artist for years. David specializes in large scale tattoos, sleeves, thighs, backs, but is always happy to to a small tattoo. Click David's picture to view his portfolio.

David Jennings

Visualize Tattoo is a state of the art tattoo shop that puts the quality of our tattoos above the cost. Follow us on Facebook and instagram to see our events and special offers.

1/26/18 Visualize Tattoo LLC

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